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Sandra is a Reiki master and Sustainable business developer who is fascinated with the science behind the mystic teachings In her work with Reiki she combines modern knowledge of the nervous system with ancient wisdoms of energy work in private sessions, group classes and retreats. Through stillness and the act of soothing touch she uses the energies of Reiki to create space for physical, emotional and spiritual healing for overachievers and seekers. Her work offers a break from the busy every day life to recharge the body and recollect emotions to awake ones inner wisdom.

With a double degree in Business management & international procurement and soon coming a degree in Public health, she uses her knowledge and background in business development to support scale up businesses in building sustainable and healthy organisations. With experiences of extreme fatigue and burnout of her own she’s knows what damage stress can do to not only the life and body of the ones exposed to stress but also to the entire (dysfunktional) workplaces. Her vision is to create safe and secure environments for people to grow.



Here I write about my services.


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